Fish Pedicure Spa

Fish Pedicure Spa
  • Let our Doctor Fish exfoliate your feet and hands in the most pleasant way possible
  • A completely organic pedicure/ manicure
  • Experience a micro massage as your feet/hands become soft and smooth
  • Our fish will relax you, increase your blood circulation and rejuvenate your skin
  • The water is 100% UV sterilized every 8 minutes as it passes through a 6 step filtration system. Completely safe and sanitized

For some the tiny vibrations of the fish kisses tickle a little & bring on peals of laughter. Everyone finds this unique experience relaxing & fun!

Our fish are called Garra Rufas or Doctor Fish. They are toothless carp that nibble off dead skin.The treatment originated in the hot springs of Turkey but the fish spas have spread all over the world. They are particularly popular throughout Europe and Asia. England alone boasts 100’s of treatment centers. They have recently come to the public’s attention due to the Kardashian Sisters experience in Greece. Watch their YouTube video.

The story of how the curative properties of the fish were discovered originates from 2 brothers that spent the day swimming in a hot spring in the mountains of Turkey. One of the brothers had severe psoriasis. When he emerged from the spring, his skin was completely clear.

The fish not only suck away the dead skin but they also emit an enzyme that rejuvenates the skin.

Our fish spa is located on our south beach area, upon arrival please ask for Miguel or Oliver and we'll guide you.

We open from 9 till 5 pm every day so between these are hours you are welcome.

Package Price
$ 30.00 USD
per person
Book with only
$ 5.00 USD
per person